Wednesday, July 08, 2009


When Chicago Guy died, I was convinced that a part of me died with him. Specifically, the part that believed that true love is possible for me. I assumed that the little speck in my generally cold, cynical heart that believed in finding someone I felt all those romantic sparks for was dead.

I was wrong. It's still there.

Do I think I will ever actually find that person? Probably not. If I happen to, do I believe that we will really end up together? Again, 99% chance that will never happen.

Regardless, it feels good to know that it's still there. I attempted to shut off all my feelings and basically become an emotionless sociopath in the interest of never getting hurt again. I'm still a normal human being with feelings, which is a more satisfying place to be.

I'm happy that I'm finally healing from that whole situation and that I can still be who I really am.

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