Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well, it wasn't eight months...

What the hell, I'll tell this from the beginning...

Last week, Chicago guy emails me out of nowhere asking if we could hang out sometime. Some emails go back and forth and we make plans to hang out this Saturday. The plan was, if he couldn't get a babysitter for his one kid, I'd meet him at his house around nine, after the kid was in bed. I have no idea where his wife and other kid were, and I didn't ask. If he could get a babysitter, we'd meet earlier on (6:30, which was emphasized many times). He did get a babysitter, and 6:30 it was. So we hang out and have some beers and talk and play a little Tiger Woods on PS2, and flirt a bit. Then 9:00 rolls around, and we start making out, under the lovely professional portrait of him and his wife hanging in their living room. The portrait bugs me from the moment I noticed it. You could feel the fake and insincere posing of it just radiating from the picture. And then he takes me upstairs and we have sex in their bed. It was kind of mediocre, but some sex definitely beats no sex, trust me. So then we get dressed and go back downstairs and smoke a cigarette, and he informs me that he has to pick his kid up from the babysitter at 10. It's like 9:40 at this point. We chat a little longer and we end up having sex on his kitchen counter. Which was fantastic. Now that's the type of thing that turns me on. We then smoke another cigarette, and he leaves to go pick up his kid and I go home.

Unanswered questions:
  • Where were his wife and other kid? I assume they went on some kind of mini-vaca with either her mom or one of her friends, which they've been known to do. This is not an important detail.
  • If he couldn't get a babysitter, was he planning to bang me with his kid in the house, or were we just going to hang out?
  • I went back and forth wondering if the intent was for us to have sex or was it just for us to hang out. I'm still not sure of the original plan, perhaps he was just going with the flow.
  • If he didn't get a babysitter, was he going to kick me out at some point?
  • Why didn't we go out somewhere instead of just chillin' at his house? I really figured we'd do something, then come back and do it. Seriously. That being said, it looks like he has a new and expensive car payment and the accompanying full coverage insurance, and his phone got cut off, so he's probably broke. Or, he would've gotten an overnight babysitter but one wasn't available. Maybe I just answered my own question. Or he knew I'd give it up without being taken out first.

While I enjoy the sex, and I will probably come back for more if the opportunity presents itself (he has to make the first move, because I have to maintain some little remnants of my self-respect), this thing has left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Because this is the bottom line--I'm good enough to fuck (vulgar term is necessary here) but not good enough to have a relationship with. He had the chance and let it go by because my boyfriend is his friend and he doesn't want to hurt him :'-(. You're willing to fuck his girlfriend though. Uh huh. More like you're too much of a pussy to complete your divorce and have to OMG pay child support and do visitation and find your own apartment etc. etc. etc. I get that having divorced parents is not an ideal situation for children but neither is living in an environment of constant hostility. And if you and your wife are getting along perfectly (including the sex part) and you're still cheating on her, that's pretty fucked up. I cheat on my boyfriend for two reasons: 1. We don't have sex, or even sexual type activities, including kissing, ever. 2. After six years, it feels like we have the same conversation over and over again and I need variety. Do I love him? Yes. Do I want to break up with him given current circumstances? No.

Next weekend, I'm going out and getting FUCKED UP, period. It's been too long and I really need to blow off some steam.

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