Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stuff about work...

The nemesis from my old team is leaving and going to a whole new department. Meaning that team will be down two people. I wouldn't go back, however. Even though I feel like I'm interloping on my new team's little clique sometimes, I still like the new team better. I prefer not to work with all women, and I find the subject matter more interesting. Plus, if they asked me to go back, I would be kind of irritated. That would be unfair to me. Hey, leave the old team and come back two months later. Uh, no. Plus, a bunch of people from that team got promoted, so now they're the same annoying people, now with fake authority. No thanks.

One thing I dislike about the new team is our manager's management style. Which can be summed up like this: "Blah, blah, blah, delegate, delegate, no follow up ever." She also goes to roughly 14 million meetings a day, so she literally never has five minutes to talk to you. But, she is assigning one of the specialist/consultant people around to be our "people manager" and handle stuff when she's not around. So hopefully, there will be more accountability and follow-up. They are also starting to keep track of how much work we actually get done like the old team did. Again, accountability. I found her choice of the person to take on the people manager duties interesting, but perhaps the people that I find to be more obvious choices weren't interested in "people management." I would be, if I was in that position.

Finally, on a more upbeat note...

I totally have a work crush. It's funny, because it's not the person I mentioned in an earlier post. In fact, I find him kind of annoying. (Since when does he get to delegate stuff to me? This is the last time. That's another topic.) No, it's someone else. Things I find attractive about him, in bullet-form:

  • He's a good looking guy.
  • His speaking voice
  • He's in the military (it's the men in uniform thing. Funny, it doesn't extend to mail carriers or UPS guys)
  • Sense of humor
  • The fact that he doesn't feel the need to talk, talk, talk all the time. Like me.

There's probably more, but I haven't actually been at work for a couple of days. But, there's no chance of a hookup, because he's married, with a second kid on the way. I don't think he would go for me anyway, but even if he did (which is not possible!) I don't think I would... Who am I kidding, I would. But it's not going to happen. It's fun to have a work crush, anyway.

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