Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Work Complaint

I work in a call center that's divided into 8 teams (press one for this, two for that, etc). One of the people from a different team called our line today with a question from a caller. I answered the question. She replied that the caller had already spoken with the person I recommended could solve the problem at hand, and that person suggested to call us. I reiterated that the person I recommended that the caller speak to is the correct person to handle that issue. The co-worker asked if I would ask one of our supervisors who the correct person to help this caller would be. I couldn't, since they were both out of the office for the evening.

Bitch, own your call and do your own research. How about you call one of the supervisors personally if you don't like my (correct) answer?

Anyway, I told her to offer to call the person back and ask her manager about the problem tomorrow morning. Pretty sure I don't get paid to train people on how to be effective phone reps in happenstance phone calls, but hey, this is yet another reason why I WILL GET PROMOTED BEFORE YOU!

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