Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So you got a comment. La dee freakin' da.

At work, I have been given the opportunity to move to a different team within our department. Basically, we have a hiring freeze, so they're re-allocating resources. Our manager announced the move on Friday. Apparently since then, people have been talking about it. It's caused a buzz. Why does she get this opportunity? Who were the other candidates? You know, if another team needs someone, please consider me. It blows my mind that people talk about me.

1. I got this opportunity because I do a better job than you and I deserve a promotion, but they are scared to promote me because it would piss off people like you. So they're moving me to a team where promoting me would piss off fewer people.

2. There weren't other candidates. They wanted me, period. If I said no, they'd then figure out another candidate.

3. And now that you've expressed interest in more challenging work, like I did, long ago, perhaps you will be considered for the next opening.

But again, that's why I was so amazed that I got a comment. It freaks me out that people talk about me at all.

P.S. One of the many reasons I'm happy to be moving to the other team is...there's cute guys over there. As opposed to no guys over here. I'm going to bang the shit out of one dude. Heh. Anyhoo, if I do, you'll read about it here...

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