Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Keep Internet Stuff on the Internet

Here I am addressing the issue of blog cliques. Again...

Over at Dreamin' Demon, there was a group of regulars. Then the Caylee Anthony case brought a whole bunch of new readers. So many that they had to upgrade their server. Some of them became regulars as well. Now it's new vs. old regulars in a debate over the "spirit" of the site. Pre-Caylee, the feeling there was very atheist, anti-religion, adults only, expressing the outrage over the cases discussed but definitely not from a faith-based perspective. It was the type of place where people would not be offended by my avatar! Caylee has attracted more people who openly express their faith, "I'm praying for you" type messages, etc. People who would be offended by my avatar. The people who actually run the joint have done a great job of allowing both of the groups to co-exist. All I do is go, make my little comments, post my bewbs, and leave. I did change my avatar for them because I don't want anyone to be so distracted by my avatar that they don't understand my message.

Point is, a website is its owner's to run as that owner chooses. The people who visit really have no say in it, and can find a different way to spend their time if it really is a problem for them.

Another random thought: the more readers a blog has, the dumber the comments are. Dlisted was not very popular during their blog fight, but the comments were always super-entertaining. Now that it's popular, I don't go near the comments. Even on blind items. Many of the posters who caused the fight have migrated to Crazy Days and Nights. Less popular, better comments. I don't know, just an observation. This is in no way a criticism of the actual content of the blogs. If they're linked here, they're good. It's the comments.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joo...It's SoUncool from the D'D. Why'd you change your avatar? Conformist! Just kidding. Love ya!