Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Best America's Next Top Model Quotes Ever...

Some of these may be more like paraphrases, but...

Mr. Jay to Brittany (c4): This is the first shot. In the second shot, your top is off. In the third shot, you're on your knees.

Coryn to Lisa: And what are you doing, alcoholic bitch?

Tyra to Joanie: Janice would never tell you to do that. Janice is a really good model.

Janice to Gina: Zip it, bitch. You're dead in my book.

Elyse to confessional: All of your parents must be ashamed of you.

Jael to 50 Cent: I'm half-black and half-Jewish. I'm blewish. You can't hang with that.

Fatima to random girl who didn't make the show (maybe Shalynda?): Can I call you bitch?

Samantha in interview: They're having their lesbian bath moment...

Jade to ?: This is not America's Next Top Best Friend!

Eva to Ann? Amanda? Confessional?: I'm a black woman from LA. What do I want with some crystals?

Nnenna to Gina: What's Jade going to do? Spank you?

Guaranteed I will think of more. What's up with MTV and VH1 not having non-stop America's Next Top Model marathons anymore? I'll take that over Real Chance of Love anytime!

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