Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where is Caylee Marie Anthony?

If you haven't heard about this:

I am completely obsessed with this case. Nothing has touched me like this since Amanda Reagan Smith/Devon Epps, and before that Melinda/Trenton Duckett, which got me reading true crime websites in the first place. The internet true crime community is just as obsessed as I am, and people are tearing the web apart looking for every possible connection to figure out what happened to this beautiful little girl. My theory is based on the principle that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. I also have some sub-theories. So let's do this thing...

Casey Anthony is a 22-year-old who lives with her parents (George and Cindy) along with her brother, Lee, and her two-year-old daughter, Caylee. In early June, Casey and her mother had some sort of falling out that led to Casey taking Caylee and moving out to stay with friends. Perhaps Cindy refused to baby sit while Casey goes out for the 10 millionth time. So Casey leaves, but still maintains contact with her parents, since most of her stuff is still at their house, she needs money, food, toothpaste, TP, etc. Cindy takes Caylee to visit her father (Caylee's great-grandfather) at the nursing home on Father's Day. The next day, George says good-bye to Casey while she's "leaving for work" from their house in the morning, accompanied by Caylee, who's going to the "babysitter." That is the last time that anyone has seen Caylee. In the ensuing weeks, when anyone asks about Caylee, Casey has some kind of BS explanation. Around July 15, Cindy receives an impound notice for Casey's car (it's registered to Cindy). Cindy confronts Casey and threatens to have her arrested and get custody of Caylee. Cindy calls the police and Casey finally admits that Caylee is missing (for 31 days).

In interviews with the police, Casey lies about every possible aspect of the case. She claims to have left Caylee with the babysitter, Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, at Zenaida's apartment. The apartment she claims is Zenaida's has been vacant since February. She claims to work at Universal Studios, and even leads the police to her "office." But she doesn't have an office, since she was fired in 2006. There are more lies, but jeez, I don't think Blogger has enough memory for me to list them all here. Point is, Casey has been of absolutely no help whatsoever in trying to locate her daughter, and is clearly covering up what really happened. Her immediate family has been supportive in the media, but no extended family or friends have come forward to support her. In fact, several of her friends voluntarily went to the police and called her out as a liar and thief. Cadaver sniffing dogs have smelled cadaver in both the trunk of the impounded car and the Anthony's backyard. So here is my theory of the case and attempt to answer some of the MANY unanswered questions.


When Casey was staying with her parents she had a 24/7 free babysitter and came and went as she pleased. After the fight, she couldn't just leave her kid with her mom, and since her "hot party girl" image is such a huge part of her identity, she had to find alternative child care methods. She chose drugging Caylee into sleep and leaving her in the car. What substance did she use? Meh, don't know, Nyquil, alcohol, Benadryl... One day she gave her too much and Caylee stops breathing. Casey panics (well, after all, she murdered her child) and attempts to bury her in the yard. She thinks better of this, since her parents are having concrete pavers put in the yard in a couple of weeks (proven). So she puts Caylee in the trunk of her car. Once the smell becomes unbearable in the car she throws Caylee into one of the many lakes apparently located around Orlando. She then abandons the car and leaves her purse on the front seat, figuring someone would steal it. No one does, and here we are.

Casey pretending to go to work every morning for two years: She would just leave the house and hang out with equally loser friends all day and drag Caylee along.

How did she have money, other than what her parents provided? You would be surprised at how crackheads manage to come across money. Steal from K-Mart and return items to a different K-Mart. Take fly-by-night telemarketing jobs. Prostitute. Not "Hookers at the Point" prostitutes, or "Cathouse" prostitutes. Just regular, friends with benefits type hook-ups, but they also give you money "to buy yourself something nice" or whatever. If you know the guy who can get drugs, but a friend does not, you go along with them to buy and get some money or drugs for yourself on the side. Perhaps the name Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez was her alias for some of these type of scams. Whatev.

Why did all her friends turn on her? Because crackhead friends are not really your friends. As long as you're partying together, it's kewl. If you're forced to look at the people sober, you find you have nothing in common, can't relate, and probably don't even like each other.

**I wrote this on August 10, and since then the Orange County Sheriff's Department has released 400 pages of documents related to the case, and DNA results have come back that all but prove that Caylee's body was in the trunk of that car. Upon reading the documents, I take back my theory that Casey's "friends" were a bunch of crackheads. They actually seem like normal young people who party here and there, but aren't junkies by any means. It seems that Casey was deceiving them about her job and financial situation as much as she was deceiving her parents. Her main source of income seems to be stealing from her parents and grandparents, possibly supplemented by some drug or prostitute thing, but maybe not. I still stand by the rest of the theory, however.**

Rest in Peace, Caylee. <3

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