Thursday, August 14, 2008

Joo Answers Questions Posed to Advice Columnists

Ooooh, another new feature! It's time for Joo Answers Questions Posed to Advice Columnists. Today's entry comes from Dear Abby.

DEAR ABBY: My husband and I are expecting our first child and selected names some time ago. If it's a boy, we'll name him Ethan; if it's a girl, we'll call her Ardith.
My father sent us a nasty e-mail telling us he's praying we have a boy because he couldn't imagine "saddling a child with a name like Ardith." This from a man who named his son "Seymour Herbert" and stuck with a last name that is an insult in two languages. (My brother and I grew so sick of being reminded of it that we changed our last name.) It wasn't even our original family name, but a badly Americanized name-gone-wrong that was laid on our grandfather when he came to this country.
My husband and I found my father's remarks extremely hurtful and wrote him to explain why we chose the name Ardith, but Dad persists in saying how much he hates our choice.
We know the name is old-fashioned and unusual. But considering what some celebrities name their children these days, Ardith doesn't seem weird to us. If she dislikes her name, we'll help her change it later, but I doubt that will happen. Meanwhile, how do we deal with my father when he keeps bugging us? -- EXPECTING ANY DAY NOW IN CALIFORNIA

Lady, sometimes your parents are right. Ardith sounds like you're saying "artist" with a lisp. These are the names you've picked: Ethan (third-most popular boy's name in 2007) and Ardith (857th most popular girl's name in 1914). Hmm. Comparing your choice to what celebrities name their children is ridiculous. Celebrity children go to private schools for extremely rich kids, so Moxie Crimefighter can commiserate with Audioscience and Pilot Inspektor. News flash, your kid will go to school with Emily, Jacob and Hannah. Also, your self-confidence is fantastic. "If she dislikes her name, we'll help her change it later, but I doubt that will happen." Don't be so sure. After all, you changed your last name that is your father's legacy that he passed down to you. Couldn't even wait until you got married, huh? No wonder he's sending you nasty e-mails.

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