Tuesday, July 01, 2008


This covers approximately 11:00 PM last night through now...

  • Paid some bills and wrote out the check for my rent.
  • Stalked someone on CCAP.
  • Watched TV.
  • Went to sleep, had weird dreams. It had to do with making hot chocolate at a gathering at my friend's parents' house, then I had my parents pick me up to go get some brats. For some reason we stopped at this super-fancy restaurant. I had to wait while my parents did something and I was sitting by a dessert cart. I grabbed a piece of chocolate cake with my hands and ran out of the restaurant, where some restaurant worker was waiting in the bushes to catch me. I was led back into the restaurant, where the haughty old-woman owner made some comment about only letting "elite" families into the restaurant. Something to the effect of "This is what happens when you let 'those kind of people' into places like this." I think I ended up back at my friend's parents' house with the brats somehow after that, and there was something about watching a basketball game on TV.
  • Woke up, brushed teeth, showered, got dressed, combed hair.
  • Weighed myself: 123.
  • Walked to the bus stop, read the newspaper, waited for the bus.
  • Went to work.
  • Ate breakfast: blueberry yogurt and a Diet Coke.
  • Worked.
  • Ate lunch: vegetable sandwich, vegetables, rice, cottage cheese, nectarine. It was approx. 622 calories.
  • Worked more.
  • Ugh, went to a team meeting. They suck, but this one wasn't too horrible. The dumb-ass of our team participated via a conference call, so it was better than usual.
  • Worked a little more.
  • Walked to my mom's work for a ride home.
  • Arrived at home. I want to know how my boyfriend's job interview went, but he isn't here and he didn't leave a note. And I can't call him because we share a phone. WTF...
  • Ate one of those Uncle Ben's Whole Grain rice packets.
  • Read some of those websites.
  • Posted the Britney post.
  • Posted this one.

Hey, guess who's home. Tomorrow will be from about 8 PM to whenever I post!

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