Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More on Britney

Most of these young Hollywood celebutante types are not particularly bright. Most of them haven't even graduated high school. But Britney seems actually kind of slow. The other thing is that she was built up to be the most beautiful, sexy girl in the world and it was all youth, airbrushing and marketing. Her success came between ages 16 and 22, when most people are at their peak of attractiveness. Then she had a couple of kids right in a row, and her looks faded. She stopped her crazy Madonna-like exercise and touring routine, and she simply got older and her body changed. Seemingly overnight, she went from future MILF to a saggy 25-year-old with two kids and a douchebag mooch husband. Then the media (the "airbrushing and marketing" part of this equation) turned on her. That's gotta mess with someone's self-esteem. Having no real friends and family that's just out to spend her money can't help either. Clearly she couldn't handle it and it led to a month's-long public nervous breakdown. Hopefully she really is getting the help she needs to get a handle on her life. Maybe she'll decide she wants to return to performing (let's hope not, because the world doesn't need more crappy computerized music). Maybe not. But her real goal should be a return to emotional stability and the ability to be a mother to her sons. If all she does after that point is live off her fortune and stay out of the public eye, it will be an achievement for her.

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