Monday, June 30, 2008

A Social Experiment

Today I'm starting this experiment where I will blog everything I do throughout the day. It will cover the week of June 30 through July 6. Let's see if my life is as boring as I think it is.

  • Woke up, brushed teeth, showered, got dressed, combed hair.
  • Weighed myself: 122.
  • Read newspaper, got on bus, went to work.
  • Ate breakfast, two plums and a Diet Coke.
  • Worked. It was uneventful.
  • Ate lunch, half a panini, cottage cheese, a nectarine, rice, vegetables and salsa.
  • Worked. Still uneventful. Discovered that you can listen to the Mark Belling podcast without downloading it, so I can listen at any time throughout the workday. Sweet.
  • Walked to my mom's work for a ride home.
  • Arrived at home.
  • Went for a walk for 80 minutes, went to Pick 'n Save and bought some Uncle Ben's whole grain microwavable rice and vegetables.
  • Ate one packet of rice and read some of those websites I read.
  • Watched Intervention.
  • Read more internet stuff.
  • Updated my list of movies.
  • Wrote this post.

I will pick up tomorrow starting with what I did after this post.

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