Monday, October 01, 2007

Why people have a problem with the gays...

(I’m not talking about truly committed homophobes here. I’m talking about people who don’t openly say anything bad about gay people, but go in a voting booth and drop the “No” on allowing gay marriage. I’m talking about those who wouldn’t say anything derogatory when possible gay people might possibly be in earshot, but feel free to let the fag-bombs fly around friends and family…)
It’s because homosexuals openly display their sexuality. For the average person, homosexual sex is a weird, kinky practice. Heterosexual sex (regular penis-to-vagina) is the norm. Other sex acts commonly performed between heterosexuals have an element of weird-kinkiness to them; like any aspect of sexual behavior, they aren’t typically discussed in public. Less-common acts between heterosexuals are treated with the same type of derision found in the typical response to homosexuality. The average American reacts with fear and disgust at even “normal” sexual behavior when that behavior is displayed in the mass media. It is difficult for many to fathom that one’s sexuality is a major feature of personality. Homosexual sex is obviously a defining characteristic of the homosexual culture; therefore, many people react with the typical fear and disgust. If most Americans could somehow be convinced that gays don’t actually have sex (ever), that they just live together like roommates (or, I would argue, OLD MARRIED COUPLES); homosexuality may be fully accepted in the American culture. Or if we could change the bizarre double standards and contradictions in how sexuality is popularly viewed, then maybe homosexuality may become more mainstream. Yeah, good luck with that.

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