Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blog Fight

Well, well, well, my friends, it looks like we have a blog fight. Long story short, there is a blog devoted to criticizing Jessica McBride. Another local liberal blogger left a comment there referring to Jessica as a “cunt.” Later, in a post on his own blog, he posts an entry claiming that the true meaning of the word is (paraphrasing) “a stupid or silly person.” Still later, after receiving negative feedback regarding the use of that term, he posts an apology to both Jessica and anyone else who was offended. My thoughts can best be summed up in the following bullet points:

  • How like a liberal to back off a position on an issue after being criticized by an “offended” group!
  • We all know that the dictionary definition of “bitch” is “female dog,” yet when anyone uses “bitch” we know exactly what they’re referring to. Hmmm. Illusory Tenant is too clever of a writer to make these kinds of excuses.
  • While I completely understand Jessica’s offense, and she makes fabulous points about it on her blog, I feel that society in general is too easily offended by words. My generation grew up with the gangster rap and we use language differently. See Dlisted and old Savage Love columns, for example. In that spirit, I am now identifying myself as “A Cuntservative” on my blog! Trust me, someday you old people will be voting for us cuntservatives.

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