Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Jessica McBride Controversy

So Jessica McBride has been fired from her radio show for being "offensive." Or, if you believe the press release issued by the station, so they can air sports-related programming in the evening. What happened? In a segment on Jessica's podcast, she asked Milwaukee Journal Sentinel "race" columnist Eugene Kane the following question (I'm paraphrasing):

Now that a four-year-old has been shot in a drive-by shooting, will you finally acknowledge that there is a violent-crime crisis in Milwaukee?

Since Eugene Kane refused to participate in the podcast, we couldn't hear his response. Instead, we heard the sound of a squawking chicken.

Those offended by this segment claim that Jessica was making light of the death of a four-year-old. Maybe it's just me, but I think she was making fun of...Eugene Kane. Who, in fact, was too chicken to participate in the podcast and answer questions like the one above. So how do I feel about this situation?

  • This segment was on a podcast, not on the radio. To listen to it, one would have to go to the website and download it. That person presumably would be seeking out that kind of material and most likely would not be offended by it.
  • The only people who really have a right to be offended are members of the four-year-old's family and other people who knew her personally. Most likely they are not seeking out opinion-based podcasts regarding the larger implications of her death.
  • If the segment was on the actual radio, a member of the four-year-old's family may accidentally hear it. But it wasn't.

Those of us who enjoy entertaining and intelligent local talk radio but are generally unable to listen during the day will definitely miss having Jessica on the air. If she decides to continue her radio career, I'm sure she will find opportunities. Perhaps a 9-midnight shift on the real conservative talk station in town, instead of Sporting News Radio or whatever they air now? Anyway, show Jessica some support by visiting her blog at She also has a great post about "Ezequiel Lopez" (if that is his real name). He's an illegal immigrant who murdered a police officer because he was mad at his (Lopez's) wife.

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Jay Bullock said...

The bit was actually broadcast. She later offered it as a podcast from her TMJ blog.