Thursday, October 25, 2007

Coming Soon!

Blog posts coming soon:

• Why people cheat
• What’s wrong with Britney Spears
• Why some people cannot acknowledge Brett Favre’s greatness

  • The Hills--real or fake?
    • A Cuntservative Manifesto

    Blog Fight

    Well, well, well, my friends, it looks like we have a blog fight. Long story short, there is a blog devoted to criticizing Jessica McBride. Another local liberal blogger left a comment there referring to Jessica as a “cunt.” Later, in a post on his own blog, he posts an entry claiming that the true meaning of the word is (paraphrasing) “a stupid or silly person.” Still later, after receiving negative feedback regarding the use of that term, he posts an apology to both Jessica and anyone else who was offended. My thoughts can best be summed up in the following bullet points:

    • How like a liberal to back off a position on an issue after being criticized by an “offended” group!
    • We all know that the dictionary definition of “bitch” is “female dog,” yet when anyone uses “bitch” we know exactly what they’re referring to. Hmmm. Illusory Tenant is too clever of a writer to make these kinds of excuses.
    • While I completely understand Jessica’s offense, and she makes fabulous points about it on her blog, I feel that society in general is too easily offended by words. My generation grew up with the gangster rap and we use language differently. See Dlisted and old Savage Love columns, for example. In that spirit, I am now identifying myself as “A Cuntservative” on my blog! Trust me, someday you old people will be voting for us cuntservatives.

    Monday, October 01, 2007

    Why people have a problem with the gays...

    (I’m not talking about truly committed homophobes here. I’m talking about people who don’t openly say anything bad about gay people, but go in a voting booth and drop the “No” on allowing gay marriage. I’m talking about those who wouldn’t say anything derogatory when possible gay people might possibly be in earshot, but feel free to let the fag-bombs fly around friends and family…)
    It’s because homosexuals openly display their sexuality. For the average person, homosexual sex is a weird, kinky practice. Heterosexual sex (regular penis-to-vagina) is the norm. Other sex acts commonly performed between heterosexuals have an element of weird-kinkiness to them; like any aspect of sexual behavior, they aren’t typically discussed in public. Less-common acts between heterosexuals are treated with the same type of derision found in the typical response to homosexuality. The average American reacts with fear and disgust at even “normal” sexual behavior when that behavior is displayed in the mass media. It is difficult for many to fathom that one’s sexuality is a major feature of personality. Homosexual sex is obviously a defining characteristic of the homosexual culture; therefore, many people react with the typical fear and disgust. If most Americans could somehow be convinced that gays don’t actually have sex (ever), that they just live together like roommates (or, I would argue, OLD MARRIED COUPLES); homosexuality may be fully accepted in the American culture. Or if we could change the bizarre double standards and contradictions in how sexuality is popularly viewed, then maybe homosexuality may become more mainstream. Yeah, good luck with that.

    Tuesday, June 05, 2007

    If you think I'm a racist, don't read my blog!

    Beliefs of the Urban Subculture:

    Conservatives want members of the urban subculture to get married, raise their children, get jobs, not murder each other, etc.

    Members of the urban subculture believe that by doing that, they will be obeying the commands of a ruling class

    Members of the urban subculture do the exact opposite of what the conservatives want them to do, disregarding the reality that they would have a healthier community if they did

    The facts:

    Members of the urban subculture assume that all conservatives are rich and have it easy. This is obviously not true. Success in life requires hard work, education, and not participating in criminal activity, among many other qualities. While members of the urban subculture face discrimination, they also have access to many resources designed to help them overcome these obstacles. Members of the urban subculture as well as conservatives benefit from individuals choosing to raise their children, become educated and employed, and not commit crimes. It’s not a matter of submitting to the will of a ruling class; it’s an acceptance of the social responsibility of living in a civilized society.

    Sunday, May 20, 2007

    New Jessica McBride Controversy

    So Jessica McBride has been fired from her radio show for being "offensive." Or, if you believe the press release issued by the station, so they can air sports-related programming in the evening. What happened? In a segment on Jessica's podcast, she asked Milwaukee Journal Sentinel "race" columnist Eugene Kane the following question (I'm paraphrasing):

    Now that a four-year-old has been shot in a drive-by shooting, will you finally acknowledge that there is a violent-crime crisis in Milwaukee?

    Since Eugene Kane refused to participate in the podcast, we couldn't hear his response. Instead, we heard the sound of a squawking chicken.

    Those offended by this segment claim that Jessica was making light of the death of a four-year-old. Maybe it's just me, but I think she was making fun of...Eugene Kane. Who, in fact, was too chicken to participate in the podcast and answer questions like the one above. So how do I feel about this situation?

    • This segment was on a podcast, not on the radio. To listen to it, one would have to go to the website and download it. That person presumably would be seeking out that kind of material and most likely would not be offended by it.
    • The only people who really have a right to be offended are members of the four-year-old's family and other people who knew her personally. Most likely they are not seeking out opinion-based podcasts regarding the larger implications of her death.
    • If the segment was on the actual radio, a member of the four-year-old's family may accidentally hear it. But it wasn't.

    Those of us who enjoy entertaining and intelligent local talk radio but are generally unable to listen during the day will definitely miss having Jessica on the air. If she decides to continue her radio career, I'm sure she will find opportunities. Perhaps a 9-midnight shift on the real conservative talk station in town, instead of Sporting News Radio or whatever they air now? Anyway, show Jessica some support by visiting her blog at She also has a great post about "Ezequiel Lopez" (if that is his real name). He's an illegal immigrant who murdered a police officer because he was mad at his (Lopez's) wife.

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