Thursday, August 10, 2006

A short explanation of the situation in the Middle East:

The world’s three major religions claim Palestine as a Holy Land, and they’ve been fighting over it throughout history. Great Britain won the Holy Land, currently known as Israel and Jordan, from the Ottoman Empire after World War I. Jordan is now an Arab/Muslim country, but Israel has a much more complicated story. The British decided to designate the area west of the river Jordan as Israel, for the Jews, and east of the river as an Arab state, Jordan. The Arabs aren’t satisfied with just having the land east of the river Jordan, however. The United Nations intervenes and declares that the Arabs should rule over Jordan, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, and the Israelis would rule over the rest of the land west of the river. The Israelis accept this deal, the Arabs reject it. Terrorism and fighting has occurred basically non-stop since. The Palestinians and their “supporters” argue that they are simply fighting to give the Palestinians their own country/home. That is a lie. In the past year, Israel has essentially given the Palestinians their own state. They have abandoned all settlements in the Gaza Strip and declared it an area of Palestinian self-rule. Yet the terrorism continues, and the fighting gets worse. The Palestinians and their benefactors in the Arab world (Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, etc.) are emboldened as they feel they are closer to achieving their goal, the destruction of Israel, reclaiming the Holy Land for the Arabs, and the death or flight of all the Jews from the Middle East. They fight a war with actual weapons, and they fight a war against the Western way of life by indoctrinating young Arabs with their racist beliefs. This has given rise to the international terrorism against any Western countries, regardless of whether or not they support Israel. The powers-that-be in the Arab world are using the Palestinians to achieve their own goals.


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